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Symposium Chair
Martin Grabe

Manuel Torrilhon
Christian Day

Local Organizing Committee
Jan Martinez Schramm
Tim Horchler
Tobias Ecker
Sebastian Karl
Alexander Wagner
Georgii Oblapenko


International Advisory Committee
A. Alexeenko (USA)
Y.A. Bondar (Russia)
D. Bruno (Italy)
C. Day (Germany)
J.M. Fernandez (Spain)
M.A. Gallis (USA)
M.-A. Gaveau (France)
V. Giovangigli (France)
M. Grabe (Germany)
I. Graur (France)
R. Kumar (India)
E.V. Kustova (Russia)
D. Levin (USA)
T. Magin (Belgium)

L. Mieussens (France)
R.-S. Myong (South Korea)
S. O’Byrne (Australia)
F. Sharipov (Brazil)
H. Struchtrup (Canada)
Q. Sun (China)
K. Suzuki (Japan)
S. Takata (Japan)
V. Titarev (Russia)
M. Torrilhon (Germany)
P. Varghese (USA)
K. Xu (China)
Y. Zhang (UK)



  • Boltzmann and related equations
  • Kinetic Theory
  • Numerical methods for kinetic equations
  • Moment methods
  • Experimental techniques for non-equilibrium flows
  • Numerical methods for non-equilibrium flows
  • Gas-surface interactions
  • Hypersonic and space vehicle aerodynamics
  • Jets and plumes
  • Vacuum gas dynamics
  • Reactive gas dynamics
  • Plasma flows and processes
  • Micro- and nanoscale flows
  • Porous media flows
  • Granular flows